Edwin Linda


  • Got called Edward today lol

    Like, you know my name is Edwin and so uh you know what the hell cuz like I you know wouldn't ever do that to others but I mean I guess some people are just really uh inconsiderate and things like that so you know I guess I uh gotta just maybe suck it up and you know try to kind of make sure that I guess no one will ever have to go through anything like that so yeah I mean I'm a little mad and things like that lol but you know what are you gonna do, other than just go with it, you know?

  • edwin here again lol

    lol i cant blieve how much i luv linda lol i think i gonna marry her. she told me im not the wrst bf she ever had so that is like the nicest thing anyone ever sad to me lol i think i wnna be wth her the rest of my lyf lol

  • Helping folks

    Hi people, Edwin here.

    I went onto our services to help more folks with their problems,

    There have been many people asking for a domain, so since I am also a co-exec working with domain.com, i'm more than happy to help out with that.

    - Edwin

  • Walking out of the room

    Hi Linda here again lol.

    I stood up, went out the room, and got some  water.

    Things around here are getting intense. Woah!

    LINDA OUT!!!!1!!!1!

  • Edwin smiled at me

    Good day people.

    Today I turned around to look at Edwin and he smiled at me.

    I love Edwin lol.

    Thank you

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